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Learn what makes your heart beat.

Nothing gives a woman greater confidence than knowing that she can physically take care of herself. It’s not always about brute strength; sometimes, what it takes is the right mindset, a good level of self-awareness, and a lot of practice and proper preparation.

Look confident and strong.

Make yourself look like a tough target - easier said than done, right? But sometimes, appearance is truly everything. Even if you feel nervous, try not to show it! Watch your posture and body language: Keep your chin up, spine straight, shoulders back, just like mum taught you as a kid.

Know which body parts are vulnerable.

If you can’t avoid engaging an attacker, panicking, struggling, or even punching them in the arms, chest, stomach, or legs won’t help. If they get their hands on you, just try to use your own hands to pry them off. And if you get a chance, hit them hard where it hurts - you know, anything they use for breathing or breeding!

Just run!

Needless to say, your main goal here is to stay alive. Mastering self-defence tricks is no guarantee that you’ll overcome your attacker. This is no time to test your strength and skills against someone who is out to harm you! As soon as you are able to break free, just run away as fast as you can and head to the nearest safe place.

Matilda Simpson started Louder Than Words to teach Melbourne women all about self-defence, using both physical and non-physical strategies and all in a space that’s empowering, supportive, private, and also fun. Pick a session this September or October and join the sisterhood!

Learn self-defence and bring out your inner warrior.
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Empowered Self-Defence Workshop - For Women