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I’m supposed to play music! - Miguel from “Coco”

Like with “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo” before it, “Coco” touched the lives of children the world over with an unforgettable story and beautiful imagery.

But what truly made the Oscar-winning animated feature particularly special was the character of Miguel, a 12-year old boy filled with a love for music that was defiant and knew no bounds. To Infinity and Beyond? Even better: To the Land of the Dead and back!

If your family loved “Coco” as much as we did, head over to Willoughby Scout Hall next month and relive the magic. Kids from Kindy to Year 6 will sing, dance, act, and work behind the scenes, too.

And because it’s not Disney·Pixar without a moving soundtrack, we leave you with this lullaby version of “Remember Me”. It’s no “Let It Go”; but the words and melody will tug on your heartstrings just the same. The perfect prelude to Los Dias de los Muertos!

Go loco for Coco the musical!
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