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We’re not even kidding when we say that indigo is the hottest thing right now.

Recently, this dark neutral is being incorporated into every ensemble there is to give it a whole new sense of style. And the perennial approach being used to make this happen? Good-old classic dyeing. Specifically, Shibori dyeing.

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Shibori is the centuries-old Japanese way of dyeing and involves folding, twisting, and binding the fabric to produce an infinite variety of patterns. Shibori is basically the ancestor to rubber-band tie dyeing. There are tons of different ways you can create amazing results with the Shibori technique. And no matter how you do it, your newly dyed item will always have a look of its own.

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If you’ve never tried it before (or have tried it but came out looking like a smurf) there’s now an even easier and less messy way to dye anything your heart desires. Join in on one of Work-Shop’s popular DIY classes so you can start rocking the Shibori trend.

Ready to grab some dye?
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Indigo Dyeing: Shibori