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Learn what makes your heart beat.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and what could be a better way to spend it than to bring dad to cooking class?

To celebrate dad’s special day, Flour, Eggs, Water is opening the doors of their food education passion project to father-and-daughter and father-and-son teams who love to cook and learn together. Well, we already know why kids ought to learn their way around the kitchen; add dad to the mix and it can only mean one thing: spa day for mum!

What’s on the menu? What else but everybody’s favourite: pasta! Here’s a little preview of what’s in store:

From how to prepare pasta from scratch to kitchen manners, this class promises to be a real treat for the big and little chefs. To finish off the session, dads and kids get to enjoy a pasta lunch (of course) - a perfect way to end a perfect day.

All ingredients and aprons are supplied, plus a tall cold one for the grownups. All you need to bring are two hours’ worth of Dad jokes. Sorry, kids.

Kids, show dad how it’s done!
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