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Learn what makes your heart beat.

If you’ve been to or have seen pictures of Morocco, you’ll know that it’s a vibrant country with strong traditions still evident in their present-day culture. Of course, we’re not just talking about their textiles, carpets, and rugs — we’re also talking about the Moroccan cuisine: its sweet earthy spices, velvety textures, and tangy flavours.

A fascination for Moroccan cooking has taken off here in Australia and across the globe. Our favourite Brisbane cooking school, life’s a feast, holds a Moroccan cooking class as a persuasive attempt to engage epicures, cooks and all food-loving bohemians to learn the skills to recreate the aromatic and spicy food of Morocco.

Their ‘Moroccan Magic Cooking Class’ will teach many of the skills used in a traditional Moroccan kitchen: how to make the paper-thin pastry, how to roll couscous, and more. Students will create a Moroccan feast, and enjoy the rewards of their labour through a full sit-down meal with fine wine!

Create and sample the myriad flavours of Morocco
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Moroccan Magic Cooking Class

Classes are suitable for all levels of cooking skills.