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Learn what makes your heart beat.

What looks like a breathtaking sculpture, you’ll be surprised to know is actually made out of sugar. Sugar art seems incredibly daunting, but as with any technique, it can be learned. This impressive kitchen skill is much like glass blowing, except in sugar version, and it involves inflating a molten blob into a bubble, and then shaping it before it cools and hardens.

When you learn to work with the incredibly versatile and exciting medium that is sugar, you can start to make impressive standalone sugar sculptures and exquisite garnishes for your cakes.

The art and science of sugar sculpting is explained and taught in a 6.5 hour class by renowned French chef Patrick Vauillat of the Sweet Artist Academy. Join on the fun and create your own sugar showpiece— we doubt anything else could take your patisserie skills to the level that this class can. Find out more about the class via the link below.

So you want to make sugar art
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Sugar Blowing Art.

No prerequisite for this course – open to public and trade.