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Learn what makes your heart beat.

Paper is an amazing medium but Michelle Lackenby takes it to a whole other level. Paperazzi Design Studio - where she is creative director and resident artist - has collaborated with some of Australia’s most creative artists and designers and done impressive work with paper installation, graphic design, and photography.

A gifted teacher, as well, Michelle has taught at top schools in and out of Melbourne, sharing her talent for paper crafting, book restoration, visual merchandising, and more. This August, for example, she’s presenting Japanese Book Binding at Craft Cubed Festival, where a few of WeTeachMe’s beloved teachers are also featured.

In this class at Kami, Michelle introduces you to the art of paper flower making using just basic tools and techniques. Even if you’re a beginner to the craft, you’ll be sure to come away with masterclass skills.

Learn the art of paper flower making!
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Paper Flower Workshop with Michelle Lackenby