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Learn what makes your heart beat.

There are dozens of different kinds of frostings. But too often, we’re so busy enjoying our cupcake or cake that we don’t even stop to find out what’s on it - the icing on top, if you will.

Now that you think about it, we bet buttercream frosting would be on top of your list. That soft mixture of butter and icing sugar or powdered sugar that you find inside of your desserts is always a welcome surprise. Nom nom!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and have always been keen to learn how to bake from scratch, here’s some good news: Buttercream is pretty easy to make! Head over to this Bake Boss class and learn how to whip up everyone’s favourite frosting. We guarantee that every cake, cupcake, and dessert you make will be loved (and devoured) by all.

Spark your love for baking. It all starts with buttercream!
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