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Learn what makes your heart beat.

With a 100% five-star rating online, there’s not much more to say about the incredible Jenie Yolland (but ya know we’re going to because that’s who we are 😉).

Jenie is ready to help you keep that summer feeling around while you make something fun for your home - talk about killing two birds with one stone. Let her teach you how to make a baguette platter (or coasters if that’s more your style) that looks like your summer mood.

We’re all missing the summer sunshine about right now, which makes this class the perfect thing to brighten your mood. and the best part? (Wait for it…) Book your tickets now for an early bird discount, or grab a ‘bring a friend’ ticket!

Let’s enhance your fusing & slumping skills!
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French meadow baguette platter workshop Level 2

The prerequisite is that you have attended one of my LEVEL ONE(1) WORKSHOPS previously.