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Learn what makes your heart beat.

We all know that on school holiday there comes a point when you need to get the kids out of the house, especially during the winter. The good news is (if you need a break from your kiddos this holiday) Little Ginger Studio is hosting a DIY guitar workshop that’ll entertain your children for 2.5 hours.

It’s the perfect antidote to screen-time at home and will help nurture your child’s creativity. This class is especially great for crafty siblings ages 4-10. The instructors/ art educators, Felicity Hibble & Annie Kilbane, have many years of experience, teaching qualifications and appropriate training in First Aid.

Felicity brings her experience from working as a full-time TAFE Visual Arts teacher in the areas of printmaking, drawing, painting and art history. She’s a parent to two wildly imaginative pre-schoolers. She has taught private lessons to Primary School age children, Art Camps, portable art workshops, collaborative projects, organised and participated in many exhibitions. Her ambition is to nurture self-expression through the visual arts (so basically, your kids are in really good hands).

Sessions are held in a large comfortable venue with plenty of room to make a creative mess! Workshops include a morning tea break in the beautiful “Secret Garden”. Kids will get the opportunity to see and hear real guitars before being guided to make an amazing guitar from cardboard boxes, tubes and other recycled materials. They’ll be able to embellish it any way they wish, from neon markers to tape, paint, glitter or sequins, it’s up to them. Their DIY guitar will have elastic “strings”, a twangy sound and will be perfect for pretend play!

Rock on!

Give the kids a screen break during the July Holiday!
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DIY GUITARS July Holiday Workshop