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Learn what makes your heart beat.

In a new partnership that started last year, social enterprise Welcome Studio together with Work-Shop have brought us “Art From The World”. This fantastic workshop series showcases artists with a refugee background or are seeking asylum here in Australia.

Thanks to this project, not only are we introduced to new forms of art; we are also connected with other cultures through the eyes of the artists. All proceeds support wonderful initiatives with Sydney’s refugee community, providing employment and helping people rebuild their new lives and stay safe in their new home. Amazing.

Hilin Kazemi is one of Welcome Studio’s artists. Arriving here from Iran about five years ago, she has been teaching at the studio since then, bringing to Australia traditional craft techniques from her home country.

In this July workshop, Hilin shares her expertise in stitching techniques and fabric patterns - and we hope, tales from her own personal journey - as she teaches you how to create handmade Persian felt animals. You’ll learn how to make your own toys over some authentic Persian tea, and in time, we’re sure you’ll be creating entire felt menageries! And of course, you’ll also be supporting a worthy cause whilst you’re at it.

Join in on this worthy cause.
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Handmade Persian Felt Animals