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Learn what makes your heart beat.

We all went through it as kids, making jewellery with simple nylon, beads, and few other plastic accessories. But it’s a whole different game as an adult when it comes to jewellery making, and if you need help navigating the world of jewellery tools, and techniques, this could be the perfect introduction.

In the Complete Beginners Jewellery Class by Jeanette Dyke, which runs for five (5) weeks, it’s easy to go from amateur to artist because it will teach the fundamentals of it all. Have a look at what the course will cover:

  • Working with base metals and silver
  • Jewellery making techniques such as soldering, annealing, piercing, and more
  • Measuring your materials
  • Working with a gas torch
  • Finishing and polishing

It’s the perfect class for people who have little to no experience with the adult-version of jewellery making. Through the course of five weeks, you will gain fundamental jewellery making skills to create an array of simple rings, pendants and earrings. With the very same skills you gain, you’ve set yourself up to create a limitless variety of jewellery creations.

Complete Beginners Jewellery Class runs beginning Friday, June 1st, from 10.00am to 1.00pm. Find out more about tickets and class details in the link below.

Learn to make your own modern jewellery!
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Complete Beginners Jewellery Class

Suitable for 16yrs+