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In the recent years, trends in the decor scene have been turning towards the incorporation of organic elements. From clay, metal, glass, stone, wood and more; and out of all these, natural wood stands out as a favourite.

We love how the colour, texture and grain that come into play in natural wood instantly amps up the coziness of its environment. This rustic material is constantly reinvented by crafters, carpenters, and artists. Wood is an especially forgiving material and can be used to produce a lot of cool wooden projects.

Even if you’re not a professional woodworker, you can totally knock out Pinterest-worthy projects on your own when you learn the basics of woodworking. Artful Dodgers will be teaching a class on basic woodworking where participants will be working with timber wood as their main material to produce 2-3 wooden projects to take home. The skills you will learn in class can be used to take on any DIY wood project you have in mind! Find more about ticket prices and class details in the link below.

About Artful Dodgers

Artful Dodgers is an arts and music studio based in Collingwood where people can come in to take up short courses, one-on-one mentoring, or drop in to access the full-equipped studio for their own projects. The studio’s goal is to increase social connections, self-esteem, foundation and employable skills among young people.

Learn the fundamentals of woodworking!
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