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Learn what makes your heart beat.

It’s that time of year again, folks. The streets are bustling, the festive lights are hanging, and it’s time to sort through your list again and and get to giving for your friends and family.

Because you’re tired of the usual clutter, you’ve decided to switch things up this year with a more interesting gift for them - a new and exciting learning experience! (Great idea, by the way) But what to pick from the hundreds of unique classes out there? Whether it’s a gift for your parents, your friend, or the love of your life, we’ve handpicked some great classes and workshops in Brisbane that we think will fit the bill for anyone on your list. Merry Christmas!

For Parents

Fabric Painting and Dyeing: Indonesian Batik

Batik Painting - which is fabric painting the Indonesian way - is becoming a more and more popular in creative medium here in Australia, and could be an adventurousome hobby for anyone. You’ll be interested to know though that this art form has been practised for centuries and was used to wrap mummies of ancient Egypt! In this 4-hour class, you will learn to create beautiful drawings on cloth (even without drawing experience) using traditional Indonesian tools and basic fabric painting techniques.

When: Jan 10th
Where: Wendy’s Tropical Home
Cost: $85 (Bring-a-Friend), $95 (Regular)
Bookings and more information: Wendy Fisher

Brie & Sourdough Seminar

Cheese and bread making are skills that are worth learning and mastering, tell your parents this and they’ll come jumping on board. This class is not to be missed as they will be introduced to making Brie and Sourdough from scratch. They get to eat what they make too, and receive recipes they can re-create from home.

When: Dec 16th
Where: Albion Peace Centre
Cost: $12.25 (Minimum 4), $17.50 (Minimum 2), $25 (General Admission)
Bookings and more information: Permaculture Produce

Breakfast MasterClass

Help your parents make their mornings brighter by signing them up for this class that’ll turn them into the ultimate breakfast MasterChef! In this full-packed workshop, they will learn to make and perfect the absolute classics, such as Eggs Benedict, Vanilla Brioche, Chocolate Croissants and Scones (just to name a few!)

When: Feb 3rd
Where: Shop 5
Cost: $135
Bookings and more information: Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures

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For Her

Floral Workshops: Make Beautiful Bouquets

There’s an inner flower arranging pro in every woman - they just don’t know it yet. Help them harness their flower prowess by signing them up for this floral workshop where they’ll learn to source, prep, and arrange swoon-worthy flower bouquets. All this over fabulous cake and tea, too!

When: Jan 13th
Where: Francesca’s Flowers
Cost: $98
Bookings and more information: Francesca’s Flowers

Creating with Pallets

More and more women are beginning to occupy the woodworking scene, and the special woman in your life may want to get in on this trend too. But if you can’t trust her with a hammer, then have her learn how to use a range of tools in this full-day essentials workshop. She’ll gain important woodworking skills, and the confidence too, to take on those Pinterest projects at last.

When: Feb 24th
Where: The Shed
Cost: $195 (Bring-a-Friend), $205 (Regular)
Bookings and more information: She Skills

Natural Beauty Workshop

Pulling off the natural look might sound simple, but any beauty guru (or woman for that matter) knows that this might be the most difficult look to achieve of all. If help is needed in this area, this workshop will teach on all the amazing tips and tricks for any woman to do her own natural makeup everyday with confidence.

When: Jan 20th
Where: Little Mountain Studio
Cost: $199 (Regular), $259 (VIP)
Bookings and more information: Bluebird Natural Beauty

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For Him

Draw, Laugh, Talk (Drink)

Learning to draw as an adult can be slightly problematic. Often, we dare not to learn and face our mistakes, and this couldn’t be more true for our men. This class makes it easier to partake in drawing the way it should be, the fun way. Through the session, they will relax around the kitchen table and explore drawing in a social atmosphere. It’s the perfect way to unwind, get creative, and get to working withothers while being distracted by great ideas.

When: Feb 8th
Where: Little Mountain Studio
Cost: $45
Bookings and more information: Art Laugh Talk

The Gap Photography Safari

Keen to turn your beau into a photographer - so you have someone to finally take your Instagram photos? Kidding! Whatever your purpose, the love of your life will appreciate being taken outdoors, exploring Brisbane’s greeneries and learning to effectively capture his surroundings. There isn’t even a need for fancy equipment - smartphone photographers are welcome!

When: Feb 18th
Where: Remembrance Memorial Walton Bridge Reserve
Cost: $85
Bookings and more information: Colin Bushell Photography

Hard Core Carnivore Meat Lover’s MasterClass

If your man thinks that a meal without meat is not a real meal, this class won’t disappoint. It’s the Ultimate Hard Core Carnivore cooking class! (Ahhhh!!!) Your manly man will learn the art of cooking the most amazing perfect steak (if he doesn’t know it already), as well as whipping up the perfect sauce to go with it and more.

When: Jan 12th
Where: Shop 5
Cost: $155
Bookings and more information: Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures

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For Your Best Mate

Haloumi & Fermented Dairy Seminar

Life’s too short to eat bad cheese and if you can learn to make the perfect kind for just $12.25, then you’ve got yourself the perfect date for you and your BFFs! This class offers a great introduction to making Haloumi Cheese and other fermented dairy products. You’ll also get to taste the products you made and take home the recipes - so that the fun doesn’t stop at the end of class!

When: May 12th
Where: Albion Peace Centre
Cost: $12.25 (Minimum 4), $17.50 (Minimum 2), $25 (General Admission)
Bookings and more information: Permaculture Produce

Fine Art Black & White

If you’ve a photographer mate on the list, they’ll love this one. This class takes on a different approach to photography as it teaches on taking away colour from an image, and making it stand out better than it did before. Interesting concept, right?

When: Jan 24th
Where: Studio 357
Cost: $65 (Bring-a-Friend), $95 (Regular)
Bookings and more information: Workshops at Elite Studio

Spanish Tapas Master Cooking Class

Spanish tapas is the ultimate appetiser to please any foodie’s palate, and we’re sure there’s a foodie or two in your gift list that you’ll want to give this class to. In just 3 hours and inside Vanilla Zulu’s kitchen will be a journey through the Spanish culture through their food: you’ll be learning to create a variety of versatile ingredients for enjoyment or for entertaining such as Spiced butterbean puree, Chorizo and porcini croquette, Spanish belly with perfect crackling and Catalan Citrus Custard tart with vanilla dollop.

When: Jan 27th
Where: Shop 5
Cost: $135
Bookings and more information: Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures

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For Kids

Harry Potter Kids Cupcakes Class

Harry Potter is the stuff our of childhood memories, and can be your kids’ too! This class is the best place to bond and fill yer tummies with your kid, nephew, or niece over your favourite series as you decorate four (4) cupcakes with Harry Potter themes using fondant techniques that will be taught by the baking professional of the day.

When: Jan 18th
Where: Bakeboss Strathpine
Cost: $39
Bookings and more information: Bake Boss

Holiday Circus Workshop

For kids who want to give the circus a go, this is the class to be. With a mixture of games, ground work and aerial activities, their holiday break will sure to be one to remember as they explore what their bodies can do in the most fun way!

When: Jan 17th
Where: Junction Park State School
Cost: $45
Bookings and more information: Vulcana Women’s Circus

Noosa Seafood Markets Nosh (7-12 yo)

Looking for something fun and educational for the kids to partake in during the holiday break? Turn your tykes into confident, independent little cooks in this small-group, hands-on culinary class, where they learn learn their way around the kitchen, use kitchen tools safely and prepare a meal from a recipe.

When: Jan 8th
Where: The Gap
Cost: $65 (Bring-a-Friend), $73 (Regular)
Bookings and more information: Come and Cook

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